Sunday, March 26, 2017

C is for Club

This post is pic heavy.
It just kept going and going and going...

"I don't think we should go." Aiden is trying to talk some sense into Zoe. He watches Zoe apply another coat of lipstick. "We don't even know her and that fake id of yours is going to get you in trouble one day."

"She's friends with Sierra and Max so she can't be that bad and I don't recall you having problems with my id when I was using it to get into clubs with you." Zoe puts the tube of lipstick away and checks her reflection in the mirror one more time.

"You and I agreed to stay outta trouble, remember?" Aiden reminds her. "This smells like trouble."

Aiden is starting to get on Zoe's last nerve. They finally have a chance to go out and have fun and Aiden wants to blow it. "Then don't come." She says, grabbing her purse and walking out the bedroom. Sierra and Max have gone out for the evening and she plans to enjoy their absence. With or without Aiden.

The night has begun...

Getting into the Avalon club is easy. The bouncer barely looks at Zoe's id. Finding Isla, is another story. The music is pumping and the place is packed.

Dancing, dancing, and more dancing...

Zoe is just about to text Isla when a tall woman wearing an headset approaches her.

"Are you Zoe?" The woman asks, leaning in close to Zoe's ear.

"Um, yeah..." Zoe says, uncertainly.

"Your party is this way." The woman nods her head in the direction of the back of the club and begins moving briskly through the crowd.

Zoe begins to quickly follow after her then remembers that Aiden is with her and being a jerk. Mad that they were coming to the club, he sulked the whole taxi ride there and wouldn't talk to her. And now, he's walking slow as molasses. If he doesn't pick up the pace they're going to lose the woman in the crowd.

"Come on!" She yells, grabbing his arm and dragging him through the club. She wishes he would've stayed at the apartment if this is how he's going to act.

They follow the woman to the back of the club where they take an elevator two floors up into an upper level that overlooks the dance floor. Zoe realizes they're in the VIP section. The view is amazing. The woman leads them down a narrow walkway past several private VIP parties until they reach their destination.

"Here you are." The woman announces. Zoes sees Isla and three other women lounging on a white fur covered couch.

Seeing Zoe, Isla gets up and gives Zoe and Aiden welcoming hugs. "Cool. You guys made it!" She says with a big smile.

Isla introduces everyone to each other. The woman on her left is Chantal, the woman on her right is Drew, and the woman perched on the back of the couch busy with her phone is Kendall.

"Have a seat." Isla encourages them as she retakes her seat. The woman named Chantal gets up to make room for Zoe and Aiden. 

The VIP section is minimally furnished, but nice. White lights hang on the brick wall and the music is loud but definitely not as loud as it is downstairs so you can easily have a conversation without yelling.

"Can I get you anything else, Ms. Furtado?" The woman with the headset asks.

"You can send someone to get our drink order." Isla says.

The woman says something into her headset and heads back in the direction they came in from.

A few seconds later a server appears to take their drink order.

"What'll you have?" Isla asks Zoe and Aiden. Zoe looks at Aiden. She can tell he's still pissed by the tight way he's holding his jaw. Maybe a beer or two will loosen him up.

"He'll have a beer and I'll just have a soda." Zoe isn't a drinker. She likes clubs for the music and atmosphere but not the alcohol.

"A soda?" Isla teases. "You've got to be kidding." She turns to the server. "Bring me a bottle of Dom, what my girls usually have, a beer and an Avalon for my new friends." The server takes their order and disappears. They make small talk while waiting for their drinks.

When their drinks arrive Zoe has to admit her cocktail, the club's signature drink, looks delicous.

Isla's friend's drinks look good too. They all order a deep blue concoction called Poison.

Once their drinks arrive, Isla's friends down their cocktails in big gulps and announce they're heading to the dance floor.

Isla pops open the bottle of champagne and fills three flutes with bubbly. She passes two glasses to Zoe and Aiden.

"To new friends." She toasts and they all clink their glasses together.

Aiden downs the champagne and then drinks his beer. He still hasn't much so Zoe knows he's still pissed. Zoe and Isla chit chat and after awhile Aiden asks Isla where the bathroom is. She points him in it's direction.

"This club is really, really nice." Zoe tells Isla. "Do you always hang out in VIP? That's got to be expensive."

"Nothing but the best for me and my girls." Isla says. "Plus being owner of the club helps." She takes a sip of her champagne.

"You own this club?" Zoe asks incredulously. It doesn't make sense. Isla can't be a day over twenty five and if she owns this club why is she living in Max and Sierra's apartment complex. She definitely could afford a better apartment then the one she's living in.

As is reading her mind, Isla volunteers information. "I'm only a co owner. I share ownership with a couple other people. I inherited it when my father passed away a couple years ago. Just like I inherited my apartment when my grandmother died."

Okay, that makes sense, Zoe thinks to herself.

"Well, you've got a really nice place here."

"Thank you." Isla says.

Aiden still isn't back from the bathroom Zoe wonders what is keeping him. She voices he concern and Isla tells her not to worry. Maybe he's having fun on the dance floor. Zoe doubts that. She thinks he probably got lost.

"So, how long are you in town for?" Isla inquires.

Zoe tells her she's not sure. Her and Aiden are possibly thinking about relocating to Boston but it's still up in the air.

"Well, if you need any help just let me know." Isla offers. "It's not easy to start over in a new city."

Just then Aiden appears. His face looks flushed and he's carrying his jacket.

"What's wrong with you?" Zoe asks.

"Nothing." Aiden answers, a smile on his face. "Just a little hot from dancing."

Zoe is stunned. Aiden doesn't dance. The closest thing he does to public dancing is tap his foot.

"Told you." Isla says.

Zoe wonders who he was dancing with.

Isla stands up. "I'm going to find the girls. Enjoy yourself. And feel free to order whatever you want, it's on the house." She disappears down the hall.

Zoe looks over at Aiden. He has a goofy expression on his face. The beer and champagne have definitely mellowed him out.

"So, who were you dancing with?" Zoe wants to know. A wave of jealousy washes over her.

"I don't know." Aiden leans back on the couch and stretches out his legs like he's at home or something. "Some dancers."

"What dancers?" Asks Zoe.

"I didn't ask their names..." Aiden mumbles, closing his eyes with a smug smile on his face like he's remembering a good dream.


Aiden is pissing her off. Zoe shoves her purse at him. "Here. Keep an eye on my purse."

She storms off before he can protest.

Downstairs the club is jumping. Zoe tries to find Isla in the thick crowd but has no luck. Through a miracle she spots Isla's friends and is able to make eye contact with one. The blonde waves her over. She and the other girls are dancing near the DJ booth. Zoe joins in.

In the shadows across the dance floor Isla watches Zoe and her friends. A tall figure comes up beside her.

"Who's your new friend?" A deep voice asks.

"None of your business."

"I'd like to meet her."

Isla sucks her teeth. "I bet you would."

"I'm serious." The man says.

"I know you are." Isla says with disgust. "And I will not be making that introduction." With that, Isla walks off leaving the man staring across the room at Zoe by himself.

Upstairs in VIP, Rocky Martinez receives a text on her phone.


Rocky texts back, DONE.

"Good evening, Ms. Martinez." VIP girl TJ says in passing.

Rocky grunts something incomprehensible that TJ guesses is her way of acknowledging her. TJ hurries by. Ms. Martinez gives her the creeps.

Isla, Isla, Isla, Rocky muses.

Rocky feels a little tingle of excitement run through her. She hasn't had anything interesting to do in awhile and she loves playing detective.

To Be Continued...