Tutorial: Liquor Cabinet

Okay, so I finally put together the tutorial for the liquor cabinet I talked about previously. 

I do have to do a disclaimer though because it wasn't until after I posted the sneak peek I thought it might be misleading. I said that the liquor cabinet would only cost around $3.00 to make and that is true--if you already have all of the supplies on hand and are only buying the pencil boxes and candle cups. If you're starting entirely from scratch it will cost more. Having been a crafter for ions I've got tons of this and that in terms of craft materials so I only had to purchase the pencil boxes and candle cups. 

So with that being said, on with the tutorial!

Materials needed:

2 wooden pencil boxes (You can find them @ AC Moore for $1.00 each)
4 candle cups (You can find them @ AC Moore for $1.29)
hand mitre saw
nail file
glue gun and glue sticks
brown acrylic paint (optional because you can use whatever color you like)
matte Mod Podge (optional)
gold acrylic paint (optional)
scrapbook paper or cork sheet (optional)

The first thing you want to do is find the middle point on the pencil box's sliding door and mark it with the pencil.  

Next, using the hand mitre saw cut on the marked line.

Do that to both boxes and then smooth the rough edges with the nail file. I kept the extra pieces that I cut off the pencil box's door to use later for another project. I think they'll make good wooden signs. You can keep them or toss them.

Now time to paint!

Truthfully, you can use whatever color paint you want to, but I like the idea of stained wood for liquor cabinets so that's what I did. It's really easy to make your own "wood stain finish" using acrylic paint and Mod Podge.

For the first cabinet I made I used a medium brown color that gave the wood a chestnut colored stain. I liked it, but wanted to try a darker brown for the second cabinet. 

So I used a deep dark brown for a rich walnut colored stain. My "recipe" for the wood stain was roughly one part paint to two parts Modge Podge. I prefer using matte Modge Podge because I find the glossy version still feels slightly tacky even when it's dry and attracts dust. 

Once both boxes are painted, set them aside to dry, and paint the candle cups which are going to be the legs of the cabinet. I painted mine gold but you could also paint them with the "wood stain".

Assembling the cabinet is easy. Just hot glue one of the boxes on top of the other and then glue the legs on.

Here are both of the cabinets side by side.

At this point you're basically done, but there is one more thing you can do if you want.

You can add extra detail with scrapbook paper or a piece of adhesive backed cork.

You can find the cork in the scrapbook paper section usually with the textured papers.

Now your girls and guys are ready to entertain.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hello From Spain: I like your cabinet. Great job. Fabulous pics, Keep in touch


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