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Over My Dead Body

Dropping in on August at Avalon club...

"I won't allow it." August says to the leggy brunette sitting across from him.
"That's funny." The woman chuckles. "Because I'm not asking, I'm telling you. I just thought I'd give you the heads up before you heard about it in the streets."
August grimaces.
If there's one word for him to describe Regina Furtado, it would be feisty. It's what had attracted August to her many years ago when they were stupid horny kids. Now, seventeen years later, that same feistiness only grates at his nerves. 

August slams his fist on his desk.
"Regina, you're not telling me anything. You're still my wife and I won't have any crap like this going on."

Regina, used to August's outbursts, doesn't bat an eyelash. August can take his double standards and shove them up his ass. If she's going to remain in this sham of a marriage they have, then she's at least going to be ha…

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