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Happy Mother's Day Part 2

A couple more people show up.

Melanie Pearson, a coworker of Kerri, comes to meet baby Ava. She teaches science at the same high school where Kerri teaches English. She's also a single mother and has brought her young daughter, Meadow with her.

Meadow is mesmerized by baby Ava. She tells her mother that she wants a baby sister just like Ava and her mother laughs and tells her that is definitely not happening any time soon.

Evelyn's other best girlfriend, Diana Curtis, who is Kerri and Max's other godmother arrives too. Evelyn has been friends with both Brenda and Diana for almost thirty years.
Diana is married with three grown children and has two grandchildren.

Saniya Summers arrives. She lives right next door to Nolan and works at one of Boston's largest banks. She commutes to Boston everyday in a flashy sports car and is a fitness fanatic.

Max and Sierra finally arrive.

Max tells Kerri Happy Mother's Day and bends down to give Ava a kiss.
Kerri whispers in Max&…

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